SHSH – The Great Paradise Of Tomorrow

SHSH are a Lithuanian industrial thrash metal band consisting of members Mastermind on lead guitar, Saxocutioner on vocals and saxophone, Edgelord on rhythm guitar, Riot on drums and Mr Lead on bass. The Great Paradise Of Tomorrow is their latest album and was released on 28/08/2023.

Along with the wacky names as mentioned above, each member of the band is a different welder character with their own unique personality, each hiding behind the character they are portraying.

So, now you know a bit about the band, what of the album?

This is a genuine masterpiece of thrash metal combined with a multitude of other genres thrown in for good measure.

The guitars are heavy, with riffs that change from plodding, almost death-metal type riffs, to faster ones that really speed up the song, and this is done many times throughout the song. The meaty basslines that backup the guitars are also heavy and really set the feel of the album. On top of all this the drumming is energetic and frantic, the double kick drums really creating a galloping drum sound, but where need be, they drop down a notch or two to become more pounding, yet slower.

The pace changes both throughout each track and between tracks is really great to hear as this really keeps the listener engaged with the music at all times. You just never know from one minute to the next what direction a particular track, or the album as a whole, is going to go and this really makes for interesting listening.

As well as superbly executed music on this album, the vocals really help create an almost unique sound for the band, as they switch from death metal growls to black metal and metalcore screams, with a bit of clean singing thrown in. The vocals are strong and with grit and rawness to them, they really suit the music they are accompanying.

This is a fantastic album and I wonder why I have never heard of them before now. This is an album that really does have it all, galloping riffs, pounding drums, edgy vocals and enough hooks and melodies to really pull you in. With eight tracks totalling 38 and a half minutes, this album is brutal, totally in your face, and with a big, big sound.

Head on over to Spotify to check them out…..I’ll see you there as I need to hear more stuff by them. Looking forward to what is coming next!

Track Listing:
1) Morgen
2) I Have No Mouth
3) The Shamen
4) Cracked Open
5) Homeopsychopathy
6) MK Ultra
7) The Great Paradise Of Tomorrow
8) My Way

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