LokkisKott – Deep Inside

LokkisKott is a singer / songwriter from Australia and Deep Inside is his angst ridden single, released on 31/03/2023. Hailing from Goulburn in New South Wales LokkisKott is the alter ego of Lachie Alford, and this project is guided by his own personal philosophy.

The track is a deeply personal song that was written while LokkisKott was still in his early teens, but after honing and perfecting it for release now, the themes it describes are obviously still prevalent today.

With a guitar for accompaniment, there are gothic and alternative metal influences shining through, even though the song is predominantly acoustic. This really gives the track a unique sound, its metalcore yet its not metalcore at the same time and this really is a strong point of the song.

LokkisKott’s raw vocals really stand out in the track and the emotion is clearly evident in his voice. A mix of melodic vocals with emo / metalcore screams there is something really special about this track. Most other bands or artists would have gone with the full-on electric sound, but I think the way this is done has so much more impact as the emotion and rawness really are the driving force behind the song.

This is a fantastic track, and one that I hope will lead on to big things for the artist.


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