Under Delusion – Burning Under Water

Under Delusion is a synth rock band from Moscow, led by an exceptional female voice. Burning Under Water is the band’s latest single and was released on 25/08/2023.

The song the band’s fourth single from their highly anticipated second album, was inspired by a near-depth experience in thirty metres of water in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean and is a great fusion of alternative rock music with dark wave and synth pop.

Kicking off with some electronic beats, the song soon erupts into a mesmerizing mix of synths and guitars. The energy that is emitted from the music side of this song really pulls the listener in, offering a creative and unique musical journey for the listener to undertake.

The synths that are prevalent throughout the track give way to a fantastic guitar solo about two thirds of the way through, a solo that really sends shivers through the spine. The drumbeats that keep the song on track and tight, are regimental and offer a great base for the rest of the music, which switches from electronic, dark wave to classic / alternative rock at the drop of a hat.

However, it’s the vocals that really make this song stand out. The female lead has a very distinctive voice, one that is perfectly suited to the style of music she is singing, and accompanied with some layered backups, this song has a great depth and dynamism. The singers voice lends the band to both the alternative side of rock music as well as the more gothic genres, creating a very unique and diverse sound for the band.

I absolutely loved this song and listening to it six times on repeat, it certainly gets better with every run through, so if electronic, dark-wave, synth inspired rock music is your thing, then please check out Under Delusion. This is a truly awesome band and deserve to have their music heard by everyone!

Totally fantastic track!

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