MAL – Come To Light

MAL is an original rock power trio from Van Nuys, California and Come To Light is the band’s latest album, released on 25/08/2023. Made up of two older unreleased songs plus thirteen new tracks and the band wanted to “create a long escape with this record.”

The band is made up of members Peter Hollywood on bass, Kristopher Jung on vocals and bass and Brendan Reynolds on drums and they have stated their influences range from anything from Jane’s Addiction, Failure, Punk Floyd and Deftones to Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols, Faith No More and Chemicals Brothers, to Queens Of The Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Hall & Oates, David Bowie and Nirvana, and this is not a band who are afraid to wear there influences on their sleeves.

Once again, the band have their foundations in the classic / alternative rock genre but let influences from a multitude of others seep into their sound, creating something quite unique to them.

The guitar work ranges from fantastic clean solos, worthy of any classic rock band, to distorted alternative, almost grunge rock, heavy riffs, and hooks. This contrast really is impressive to hear and will make the album have a wider appeal of listener. The drumming is laid-back at times yet energetic and frantic when it needs to step up a notch and funky basslines shine through at all times.

The vocals have a very nostalgic 80’s feel to them, strong and powerful yet with a modern twist that would make them just as at home on a classic rock number as on a far out, psychedelic track. There are interlocking harmonies and melodies and with accompanying backups vocals each and every track has a great depth.

The tracks vary in pace, length, and variety on the album, and with each track, the listener is never sure what style is coming next, as all genres of rock seem to be covered! This element of surprise really makes this album one to listen to and it also makes sure the listener is always engaged with the music, which is very enticing, really pulling the listener in.

This is a great album that certainly takes the listener on a musical journey, through a surreal soundscape before dropping you back to the real world an hour later! I definitely recommend that listeners of all types of rock give this fantastic album a listen and see for yourself just how diverse and talented this band really is!

This would definitely be a ten out of ten for me!

Track Listing:
1) Sleeper
2) Come To Light
3) Ritual (Rite Of Madness)
4) Besides
5) Hero’s Gold
6) Reprise (M.A.L 1st Movement)
7) Ritual (Of The Sky)
8) The Confidence Of Cats
9) Reprise (M.A.L 2nd Movement)
10) Thumper / Wormsign
11) Ritual (Of The Dust)
12) 5 On Eye
13) Ritual (M.A.L 3rd Movement)
14) Madness As Lift
15) For Brevity
16) Cut Myself
17) Ritual (Of The Night)
18) MindSpike
19) Commit Me

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