DG Adams – Social Media Love

DG Adams is a singer / songwriter from Vancouver in Canada, who plays rhythm guitar and performs lead and harmony vocals. He is joined by Vinay Lobo on bass, piano, harmony vocals and lead guitar, Shane Wilson on drums and percussion, Anna Katarina on harmony vocals and Torquil Campbell on synthesizer, and Social Media Love is the groups latest single, released on 19/08/2023.

A song about the cruelty of social media and people doing things online that they might not necessarily do face to face, the track is a beautiful blend of soft rock and rock pop, creating a track that seems easy to listen to…until you actually study the lyrics and context of the words.

The guitar work and drumming are quite laid back throughout most of the track, although they do step up a notch or two when the track needs to be a bit more intense.

The element of this song, however, that stands out, to me, are the vocals. The male leads are strong and powerful, yet convey the message of the track perfectly, making the listener sit up and take notice. The singer has a soft voice, albeit with a slight grittiness, that is beautifully accompanied by some haunting female vocals, and this really gives the song a great atmosphere to it.

DG Adams has been releasing music since 23011 and has produced five albums and five singles to date. After hearing this one, I am heading over to Spotify to find more from him!

A great track that has a very prominent, important message.

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