9 O’Clock Nasty – Bird Of Happiness

9 O’Clock Nasty are a Leicester-based alternative band, with punk influences. Consisting of band members Sydd Spudd on beats, Pete Brock on guitar and vocals and Ted Pepper on bass and vocals and once again they have come up with something completely different to anything else I have reviewed by them.

This band have released music of very genre, from punk to more mellow and progressive music, to classic rock and so much more! Bird Of Happiness is their latest single, released on 26/08/2023, and gives the band a more retro sound than other tracks they have released.

Kicking off with some awesome guitar riffs, the song soon erupts with some great harmonised vocals and laid-back drumming, creating an almost psychedelic vibe to the track, something very reminiscent of the sound of the 60’s.

The vocals on this track are very melodic and with the leads being accompanied with some awesome layered backups, there really is a great dynamism to the song, and the atmosphere that presents itself throughout the track is just awesome.

The more tracks I review by this great band, the more diverse they become, proving that they are not just a punk band. The talent in the band is evident to see in every passing song and I love how they surprise the listener with every new track!

Awesome work!

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