Tom Tikka And The Missing Hubcaps – Fire And Ice

Tom Tikka is a singer songwriter from Helsinki in Finland and Fire And Ice is another single from his upcoming album, Rainbows And Dead Flowers, released on 18/08/2023.

Having previously already reviewed Tom’s collaboration with Willjack on their track Overnight Sensation, I was eager to hear more of Tom’s solo work.

Best known for his work with carmen Gray, Tom wrote Fire And Ice with his former bandmate Antti Autio, and it tells the story of “two brothers playing pirates in their bunk bed, sailing their ship towards an imaginary island with countless treasures to discover.

A great combination of soft rock and AOR, this track takes the listener on a nostalgic trip back in time to the sound of the 80’s and 90’s while, all the time, maintaining a modern vibe that keeps the sound fresh and up to date.

The music behind the vocals is quite easy going, with laid back drumming and soft guitars. The inclusion of what sounds like a piccolo or something similar really gives the track a different dimension, almost painting the picture of the ship sailing off into the sunset!

The vocals are soft and gentle, although still powerful as he uses his voice to tell the story. With layered backups there really is a great depth to the song and strong imagery is created by the lyrics of the song.

This is a great track, one that combines the imagination and innocence of childhood with great musicianship and talent.

Please check out Tom Tikka and The Missing Hubcaps!

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