Plantoid – Dog’s Life

Plantoid are a four-piece psych/rock/jazz band from Brighton and consists of Chloë Spence on lead guitar and vocals, Thomas Coyne on guitar, Bernado Larisch on bass and Louis Bradshaw on drums. Dog’s Life, the lead single from their debut album which is due out early 2024 was released on 23/08/2023.

Beginning quite quirky with some funky basslines and guitar licks, the song quickly becomes quite psychedelic in nature. With staccato guitar lines, that along with the funky bass melodies, drive the song forward, the track has some energetic drumming and musicianship that really makes the track stand out. With a very strong 70’s progressive rock influence, there is always something for the listener to hear and more than one play through is required to hear everything this song has to offer.

Chloë’s hauntingly melodic vocals really take the listener back to the 1960’s psychedelia era, her voice sweet and dreamy, but strong and powerful at the same time, and her vocals really take command of the song. The band describes her voice as “the midway point between an angel and an alien!” And with layered backup vocals to match the leads, there is quite an atmospheric vibe to the track, while also maintaining a certain grooviness.

The band uses hypnotic, electronic soundscapes towards the end of the song, that really pulls the listener in, captivating them with a sonic journey that switches from soft, melodic, and elated, to heavy, psychedelic, and experimental.

This song is great for transporting the listener away to another time and dimension, so if this is your thing, then please check out Plantoid and their new single Dog’s Life! It’s an auditory experience you don’t want to miss.

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