DCxPC Live Vol. 22 – Sticky Steve, Borrowed Sparks, Jacob Danielsen-Moore, and Dougie Flesh & The Slashers

DCxPC is a collaboration that books and releases music from live shows for multiple bands and Vol 22 features Sticky Steve, Borrowed Sparks, Jacob Danielsen-Moore, and Dougie Flesh & The Slashers live at Uncle Lou’s.

The album features two folk punk artists from Orlando, Florida and two from Tennessee, but all have folk punk roots.

The first to hit the stage is Sticky Steve, a singer / songwriter / musician from Florida, who started playing the drums around 2004, and then taught himself to play basic guitar.

With a very quirky vocal style, the music that accompanies him on this album is just a raw acoustic guitar. The folk punk influences really shine through on his three tracks, and he really sounds like he enjoys making the music he does. I would like to hear him as part of a full electric band as I think his persona and stage presence would really make them stand out.

The next band on the album is Borrowed Sparks, the solo project of Tennessee’s Mike Bay. Again, another acoustic set from him, this time with a more country influence in his sound. His strong voice is a great accompaniment to the acoustic guitar, and he really does convey some great emotion. The use of a harmonica really adds another dimension to his sound!

Next up is Jacob Danielsen-Moore, an Appalachian singer / songwriter from Johnson City in Tennessee. Jacob’s acoustic set has a rawer feel to it than the previous two, his voice full of gut-wrenching emotion as he sings about heartache, heartbreak, and triumph. He is another singer with a strong, powerful voice but there is also a grittiness to his vocals that really make him stand out.

Last on the list is Dougie Flesh & The Slashers, a working class, surrealist horror movement also from Orlando, Florida. Although at this particular performance there was just the rare paring of Doug Lowell and Thomas Milovac, the band can consist of anything from one to thirteen members!! Again, the vocals on these three tracks are very quirky and, although with a country vibe, the punk elements are clear to hear. The acoustic guitar, however, this time, is backed up by some funky basslines.

This is a great album that would be a great introduction into the world of folk punk for anyone willing to wander into that genre. The four artists give four different perspectives of this style of music, and this gives the listener plenty of opportunity to really appreciate the genre!

Great live album and a great addition to the DCxPC legacy!

Track Listing:
1) Sticky Steve – Cathedrals
2) Sticky Steve – Vultures
3) Sticky Steve – Waves
4) Borrowed Sparks – Are You Listening?
5) Borrowed Sparks – Man With A Different Name
6) Borrowed Sparks – Patron Saint
7) Jacob Danielsen-Moore – Coke Dick Motor Awesome
8) Jacob Danielsen-Moore – OF (Only Fans)
9) Jacob Danielsen-Moore – Deep Valley
10) Dougie Flesh & The Slashers – I Want To Believe
11) Dougie Flesh & The Slashers – Printerdix
12) Dougie Flesh & The Slashers – Something In The Shadows

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