The Bare Minimum – Uncaged

The Bare Minimum are a four-piece punk band from Toronto, consisting of members Mick Hutchinson on lead guitar, Donnie Hopper on bass and backing vocals, Chris Nikolaidis on drums and backing vocals and Cam Gray on vocals and guitar, and Uncaged is their latest, Nicolas Cage inspired EP, released on 18/08/2023.

The EP has four tracks, all based on iconic Nicolas Cage movies and, at just over nine minutes in length, is packed full of punk goodiness!

The guitars are heavy and fast, riffs flying at the listener from all angles, slight distortion used to create a very raw feel to the EP, and the drumming is energetic and frantic, as all great punk drumming should be! The basslines that show through are meaty and keep the tracks tight.

The vocals are awesome on this EP, punk by nature with shouty lyrics, but also quite melodic and easy to sing along with. Accompanied by backups in much the same vein, this EP has a great depth to it that really keeps the listener engaged at all times.

This is quite a nostalgic album as it reminds the listener of the nu-punk sound of the late 90s / early 2000’s but there is also a modern twist to it that keeps the sound fresh and up to date. With influences from thrash metal and synthwave seeping in, this is a very versatile band, and the mix of genres really gives them a unique sound.

This EP shows the passion the band has for the music they make and whether they are playing a local bar gig, a DIY basement show or a festival stage, this band will always give 110% to their performance, and enjoy it while they are doing, embracing the chaotic nature of the punk genre.

This is a great EP, one that fans of punk, new and old, should hear, and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future!

Track Listing:
1) National Treasure
2) Con Air
3) Bangkok Dangerous
4) Leaving Las Vegas

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