John Taglieri – Talk To Me

John Taglieri is a singer / songwriter from New Jersey and grew up listening to everything from The Beatles to Black Sabbath and everything in between! With fourteen cd’s and EP’s and three singles to his name over the course of 24 years, John is an indie musician who has forged himself a long-lasting career that has endured the changes crazes over the years, while still staying relevant.

His latest single, Talk To Me, was released on 18/08/2023, is the story of a relationship trying its best to survive, something many people can resonate with.

With influences from a range of genres, from hard rock to indie and classic rock, this track really does have a sound of all its own. Starting out quite serenely, we can hear the emotion and power in John’s right from the beginning, before all instruments come to life for the big choruses.

With soft guitar work and gentle drumming for the verses, these come to a crescendo during the choruses and this is where the intensity of the song really rises. The change of pace throughout the track is also another great feature as this keeps the listener engaged with the music.

As previously mentioned, John’s voice is powerful and strong and conveys the emotion of the song perfectly, and with layered backup vocals there is a great depth to the song. With nailing the power ballad type of track with this one, I would love to hear him perform a full-on rock number, as I think, with the little bit of added grit he has, his is the perfect voice for this.

Awesome track!

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