The Metal Asylum Talks To….Souls Of Sorrow

Can you tell us about the origin of the band name, a history of the band
and a little bit about the various members?

The Name “Souls of Sorrow” describes us very well. Every Character of the Band is a Soul of Sorrow.And it’s like in Bands like KISS, or Lord of the Lost, that each member stands out in different ways. May it be through:- the music and lyrics, (because everyone in the Band is involved in the writing) – or the outfit and style that he presents on stage – or the natural behaviour and the unmasked personalities of each member that we show in our “TV of Sorrow” on YoutubeAnd our history has just begun. We formed out of a solo project from myself (Dan Singer of the Band) that I’ve published under the name “Dan Peters”. So I was looking for musicians to play my songs live and came across Terence (lead guitar) and Fabian (drums). Along with my former “In Dreams of Reality” bandmates Marco and Sebastian, a new band was formed, now called Souls of Sorrow.Also the combination of the different characters are the reason for the unique sound that finds its middle in Gothic Rock.

Are you all from the same area? 

Yes, we are all living in Germany between the city’s Cologne and Siegen.

Who are your favourite artists/bands and how have they influenced your own sound?

I can only speak for myself (Dan). My actual favorites are Lord of the Lost and Deathstars. They have a huge influence in my songwriting, so you’ll hear the influence. The good thing in our Band is that everybody plays his part in his own style; So that after the final recordings every Song has become a Souls of Sorrow Song. Bass and Rhythm Guitar are coming from the harder metal side and collide with Lead Guitar and Drums which are very much influenced from 80’s Rock, combined with a Singer who love’s both sides.That leads to the Sound of Souls of Sorrow. 

Did you always have the ambition to be a musician and in a band or did you originally have other plans?

I think I can answer this question for each Band Member. All of us are doing music for a very long time in our life’s. So, Yes we all have the ambition or more the addiction of performing our music. 

What songs or albums are on your current playlist?

If you look at your characters I would say it couldn’t be more mixed :DTerence (Lead Guitar) is listening through so much different, from classical guitar stuff til Jazzguitar and through all the rocklegends. Fabian (Drum) is, I would say the most “gothic” guy of the Band. Sebastian (Bass Guitar) listens also to a lot of music, but is mostly home with harder tones.Marco (Rhytm Guitar) listens to the hardest stuff in the Band. He loves Neue Deutsche Härte and Death Metal, so to say the “in your face” music. And I am at home in Melodic Death Metal, Hard Rock and Gothic and Industrial Rock. Bands I really often listen to are: Kissin Dynamite, Deathstars, Lord of the Lost, In Flames, Insomnium, Kiss, Paradise Lost...

Do you sing in the shower?

Yes of course 😀

Do you have any plans for the band for this year and into next year?

Yes! We are about to release our first EP in October and a Single at the end of November.We are looking for money with a crowdfunding project at the end of this year to finance the second EP.So If you are interested, just check out our socials. Through the Fundraise you’ll get the opportunity to watch music videos before release, and listen to the raw Demos for the second EP.  

If you could play at any venue in the world where would you choose?

I would love to be on a stage at the Summer Breeze Festival, Wacken Festival, Mera Luna Festival and Hellfest. To play at one of those would be an honour for us. 

Do you have a favourite album? If so, what is it?

Yes, “Thornstar” from Lord of the Lost. 

Do you have any guilty pleasure songs/albums?

This question is too early for us 😀 Ask that some years later again 😉 

If you were putting together the greatest show on earth, who would be playing?

That’s a unique question. I cannot answer it, there are so many good musicians out there. Sorry.

Can you remember the first album you bought with your own money? What was it and do you still have it?

Yes, KISS – Killers. I was a child back then and I still have it at home.

Finally, let us know all your social media sites so your fans, old and new, can find and follow/like you!

We, at The Metal Asylum, would like to thank you for your time. Is there is anything further that you would like to add?

Thank you for the interview! I have nothing more to say than thank you to everyone who listens to our music, comes to our shows and reads this interview!
See you soon. 

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