Fury Of A Dying Planet – Repetition To Extinction

Fury Of A Dying Planet is “envirometal music for those enraged by the state of the world and humanity itself,” and Planet is the project of a London-based musician and producer.

Repetition To extinction, a song highlighting the selfishness and apathy of mankind as the planet suffers around us, is the band’s latest single and was released on 20/07/2023.

Once again, as with the previous track I reviewed, this one has its roots firmly in the hard rock / metal genre although elements of alternative metal metalcore and progressive metal shine through.

Musically, this track is awesome. With thundering drumming that is energetic and frenetic, and galloping guitar riffs that really hit you in the stomach, the track has a solid musical base from which the vocals can grow. Meaty basslines help keep the track tight, and time and pace changes throughout the track gives he song it’s progressive feel. There is so much going on in this track that just one run through would not be enough to hear all that it has to offer, and this, in my opinion, is always a good thing!

The vocals on this track are immense. Strong and powerful enough to get the message of the song across to the listener, and with lots of grit that really makes the lyrics stand out. There is also a passion and emotion as the singer portrays the important message and this really does pull the listener in and makes them sit up and take notice about the lyrics.

Another great track from this very talented band, and one I hope will set them on the road to great things. Please check out Fury Of A Dying Planet and see what you think for yourself. I really don’t think you will be disappointed!

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