9 O’Clock Nasty – Savage Mechanic

Having previously reviewed music by this great band, I am always eager to hear more. Savage Mechanic is their latest single and was released on 30/07/2023.

9 O’Clock Nasty are a Leicester-based alternative band, with punk influences. Consisting of band members Sydd Spudd on beats, Pete Brock on guitar and vocals and Ted Pepper on bass and vocals, this band seem to come up with something different with every release, and their third album, Culture War 23, which is due for release in September 2023, is certainly going to be something that everyone needs to hear!

Savage Mechanic kicks off with some awesome synth sounds before a funky bassline kicks in, and this mixed with the organ sound gives the song a certain swagger right from the start.
The synths and basslines are the prominent features of this track, both driving the track forward with some fairly laid-back drumming and guitar work to accompany them. There is a nostalgic feel to the track, reminding the listener of music of the past, while also keeping a modern vibe to the song.

The vocals in this song are more melodic than previous songs, which focused more on punky, shouty vocals, and there is a quirkiness about the singer’s voice that really makes it stand out. Slight distortion on the vocals creates a fuzziness to the vocals, and he is accompanied by back ups that are in much the same style, giving the song a personality all of its own.

This is another fantastic track from this very diverse, talented, and genre-bending band. If you check out one band today, please let it be 9 O’Clock Nasty!

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