Autorub – Women Of The Right

Autorub is led by multi-instrumentalist Michael Corn, who is based in New York, and Women Of The Right is his new EP, released on 21/07/2023.

With some smart, sarcastic political humour in the lyrics, this EP set it sights on election denier Kari Lake, who has supposedly blocked the band on Twitter and America’s obsession with guns.

With its foundations firmly in the classic rock genre, the EP has a fun attitude to the themes of its lyrics, and this is mixed with some classic and modern rock sounds.

The guitars are very melodic, but riffs are thrown at the listener left right and centre, and the solos have a slight bluesy/country feel to them, especially on the first track Kari Lake Blocked Me On Twitter. There is a swagger to the tracks that really makes this band’s sound stand out and musically the two tracks are top-notch, with energetic drumming and meaty bassline to accompany the guitar work.

Michael’s vocals, again, have a slight country twang to them, but the classic rock sound he emits is fantastic and with his strong voice there is just enough grit there to really set him apart.

He is accompanied by layered backups, and this really gives the two tracks depth and dynamism.

This a great little two-track EP and well-worth giving up just over six minutes of your time to listen to.


Track listing:
1) Kari Lake Blocked Me On Twitter
2) Big Girl Big Gun

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