9 O’Clock Nasty – Mickey Humper, A Pocket Opera

A Leicester-based alternative band with punk influences, 9 O’clock Nasty consists of Sydd Spudd on beats, Pete Brock on guitar and vocals and Ted Pepper on bass and vocals, and Mickey Humper, A Pocket Opera is their latest release, unleashed on to the public on 01/07/2023.

The Mickey Humper, A Pocket Opera EP is a collaboration between 9 O’clock Nasty and The Qwarks, both of which I have reviewed in the past and I must say it is one of the weirdest, whackiest, and downright maddest things I have heard.

The EP consists of two tracks, Mickey Humper by The Qwarks and Mickey Humpper by 9 O’clock Nasty and is the tale of a dog called Ludo who “loved his mickey toy just a little too much for polite company!”

With punk and progressive influences on both tracks, each song is completely different to the other, each band’s traits becoming apparent in their relevant song.

9 O’Clock Nasty’s track definitely has the punk vibe that I have come to know and love from them, and with the wackiness of the lyrics, this really is a track that stands out.

9 O’clock Nasty really are a band with a lot of diversity and more people should check them out, so if you haven’t done so already go and do it now! Go on, off to Spotify with you and see what you are missing out on! GO!

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