9 O’clock Nasty – Dude, Your Mom’s A Squid?

9 O’clock Nasty are a Leicester-based alternative band with punk influences, and consists of Sydd Spudd on beats, Pete Brock on guitar and vocals and Ted Pepper on bass and vocals. Dude, Your Mom’s A Squid? is their latest single and was released on 17/06/2023.

Opening with some funky beats, this track is different to other music I have reviewed by this band. Smoother than previous tracks, this track veers away from the punk sound that we love from this band, and steers more towards a dark-pop, psychedelic sound.

“We’ve all been there. You know the feeling, right? You had something dodgy on that pizza and the next moment you’re introducing your mother to God AND YOUR MOM’S A SQUID. It all makes sense. For one moment of clarity, you understand the universe. Then you throw up.” This is how the band describe the song. Yes, its all a bit whacky but who said you can’t have fun with music. And that is what this band do with their music.

The track is a collaboration between 9 O’clock Nasty and I Am The Unicorn Head, and one which, I must say, works a treat. 9 O’clock brings the beats while the truly whimsical lyrics are delivered by I Am The Unicorn Head.

A track that is so far out there, it’s hard to come back from, Dude, Your Mom’s A Squid? is a great track that, for just under four minutes, will transport you away into a nonsensical, weird world, and return you to planet earth wondering what the hell just happened!

Absolutely love it!

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