Pressure – Demonic Oath

Pressure is a story metal band from Sweden with strong connections to modern music, storytelling, and showmanship. Founded back in 2018, this is a band that is always expanding and exploring new things. Pressure consists of three members, Simon Forsell on guitars, drums and keyboard, Olli Violet on vocals and Olof Jönsson also on vocals, and with the help of session bassist Ignacio Arrua, the band produce songs that are diverse as they believe that different styles of music tell stories differently.

Demonic Oath is the band’s latest single, the first from their upcoming EP and was released on 16/06/2023. This single sets the tone for the stories on the EP to be told, and all are written from the demon’s point of view, showing just a glimpse of their world and their existence.

The song uses a combination of rock, metal, electronic and pop influences to create a sound that really is unique to this band.

Musically, the band are heavy, with guitar riffs and pounding drums hitting the listeners ears from all angles. There is a rawness about the band’s sound that really gives the track an atmospheric vibe and this is a great way to express the demon’s story.

What really stands out on this track are the vocals. Olli takes main control of the vocals, her voice strong and powerful but Olof’s deep vocals beneath Olli’s create an undertone to the track that shows the demon is really talking to us, and the contrast between the two vocal styles is a real pleasure for the listener to hear.

This is a great track and, having reviewed the band’s music before, really shows that they can maintain their high standards.

Excellent work!

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