WHITEROOMNIGHTMARE is the brainchild of self-taught musician Paul Anketell and the man from Northern Ireland has been making music for about two years now. He says on his Facebook page that he “makes music that is too heavy for some and not heavy enough for others!” But he thinks it is “just right.”

I’m Sorry It’s You is his latest single and was released on 26/05/2023.

I have previously released music by WHITEROOMNIGHTMARE, and in contrast this one is a slower paced track that deals with the topic of feeling overwhelmed by bad news stories.

Guitars are still a very prominent feature of this track, and with a slight distortion on them, the track has a hint of a grunge vibe to it. With layered guitar sounds, the track has lots of depth and there is also a lot of emotion expressed just through the guitar work. The drum work is not as ferocious on this track although they are ramped up when they need to be.

Paul’s vocals are what sets this song apart from other tracks. His voice is soft and gentle but there is also a rawness and a grittiness there that lets him take complete command of the track. His voice is powerful enough not to let the instrumentation of the song overshadow him, his voice, and the music in total harmony. There is a slight quirkiness to the vocals, but I think this only adds to the atmosphere of the song.

Another great track from this incredibly talented artist!

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