Mark Winters – Boundary Layer Radio Remix

Mark Winters is a Texas-based rock singer / songwriter who first picked up a guitar to play his wife a song on their anniversary, and in the process discovered the joy of connecting with people through music.

Boundary Layer Radio Remix is his latest single and was released on 26/05/2023. With musical roots in rock, blues rock and pop, Mark cites John Mayer, Tom Petty, and Jason Mraz as significant influences, and this track has elements of it all.

With a foundation in classic rock, this track spreads its way into Americana and rock-pop and even has a hint of country rock about it too, creating a great sound that is quite unique.

With guitar work that is quite reminiscent of The Shadows at certain points, the song has quite a laid-back yet upbeat feel to it. The guitars have a hint of a country twang to the during the solos and the drum and bass sections are solid, keeping the song tight and on track.

Mark’s voice is awesome on this track. Suited to classic rock, country rock as well as pop-rock, his vocals have a distinct quirkiness to them that really adds to the charm of the song. Accompanied by layered backups, the choruses are big, and the song has a real depth to it.

This is a great, easy to listen to song that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. Please check Mark and his music out and see what you think.

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