Indigo Daydream – Strawberry Fields Forever

Indigo Daydream is the creation of multi-instrumentalist and film maker, Nick Cheshire. Says Nick; “Indigo Daydream was created following an experience I had during lockdown. After a head injury, whilst laying in an MRI listening to the surreal beat of the machine, I decided to create something positive from a challenging experience and so Indigo Daydream was born. I’m trying to create music with a surreal edge. Like waking up from a dream.”

Influenced by artists such as Tame Impala, Slowdive and Mazzy Star, Indigo Daydream uses a combination of alternative rock, psychedelia, and shoegaze to create a hypnotic sound that is quite unique.

Strawberry Fields Forever, a cover of the classic Beatles hit, is a whole new take on the original. Already quite a psychedelic track, Indigo Daydream takes it one step further with the psychedelia and has produced something that is how the original should have sounded (and I am not putting the Beatles down here, I am a big fan too!)

Using a combination of electric guitars, drums and synths, the result is a swirling, ambient track that really pulls the listener in. A shoegaze element is used by including washed out vocals that merge with the music, and layered backups really give the song a great depth.

What an awesome track this is and is a great cover that really stamps its on mark on the original.

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