Hail – Oblivion

Hail is a Southampton based symphonic metal singer and Oblivion is her latest single, released on 26/05/2023. This is the sixth single she has released and the first in a trilogy that she will be releasing this year, detailing loss, grief, and despair.

Oblivion is a haunting track is about the numb feeling that comes with grief. Says the singer; “You don’t feel alive anymore. You’re living, but you’re not there,” and I think this is a theme that a lost of people can resonate with.

The track starts quite serenely but soon erupts into a frenzy of symphonic and operatic metal. Thrashing, heavy guitars are a prominent feature and these mixed with the singer’s poignant and melancholy vocals really creates a sound that is full of atmosphere and emotion.

The piano part way through the song gives the listener a little breathing space before they are launched headfirst back into the track, and as the song finishes with a little piano work, this really adds to the atmospheric nature.

This is a great track and I really want to hear more from this fantastic artist. If symphonic, operatic, and gothic metal are your thing then you are going to love Hail. Check her out on Spotify and give her some support.

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