Dave Belding – Purge And Flourish

Dave Belding is a Long Island based artist and Purge And Flourish is his latest single, released on 26/05/2023.

The song is about “self-reflection and finding strength to continue changing one’s character,” Belding explains and is an introspective look at his own personal journey, a theme that a lot of people can connect with.

Not afraid to experiment with his music, this track is a very atmospheric one that is raw, emotional, and totally haunting.

With an alternative rock foundation, tentacles have spread out and drawn influence from a multitude of genres and this has created a big sound that is entirely unique to him. Guitars and drums form the basis of the instrumentation, but the inclusion of electric synths and other sounds really gives the track a progressive, even psychedelic, feel.

Dave’s vocals are haunting, his voice strong and powerful but with a rawness to them that adds a sensationalism to the track. Layered backups accompany him, and this makes for a great depth, allowing the emotion of the lyrics to really spring forward.

The track builds in intensity and emotion as it progresses, his voice really becoming the focal point, and with lyrics that really pull the listener in, the is a great song that showcases Dave’s amazing talent.

Fantastic song that is different and really does have its own personality. I can’t wait to hear more!

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