Blind Man’s Daughter – Mirage Harmer

Blind Man’s Daughter is a melodic progressive metal band from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, starting out in 2012 by founding member Ashley Wolfe, but it wasn’t until 2022 that the project really came to life.

Mirage Harmer is the band’s latest single and was released on 26/05/2023.

With a progressive metal sound at its core, this track also takes influence from a few other genres, jumbling them all together and coming up with a sound that is anthemic, big and cutting edge.

With heavy guitars producing some great riffs, there are also some really intricate guitar passages and solos. Slight distortion on the heavier riffs creates a sludgy feel that really hits you in the stomach, while the solos are cleaner and expertly executed, showcasing some extreme guitar talent.

The bass guitar, with strong and meaty basslines, is very prominent as are the drums that can range from laid-back and quite serene to full-on and hard-hitting as the pace and timing of the track changes from one minute to the next. Musically, there is so much to listen to on this track, that just one play through is not enough to hear all that the song has to offer, and we haven’t mentioned the vocals yet!

Ashley’s voice provides strong female vocals to accompany the musical arrangement, and her voice can range from soft and flowing to aggressive growls, something she does seamlessly and with ease. She portrays the emotion of the lyrics with power and takes total command of the track from start to finish.

This is a fantastic song that really does have something for everyone. The progressiveness of it is what sticks out the most to me about it, but another listener might see it in a completely different and that is the brilliance of music. It means something different to everyone and is all about the interpretation.


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