5 Peeps And The Battery – Gemini

5 Peeps And The Battery are a five-piece band from Berlin, featuring Lilly on vocals and keyboards, Philip on rhythm guitar, Norman on bass, Perino on drums and Max on lead guitar and Gemini is their latest single, released on 26/05/2023.

The band is one that doesn’t want to be too predictable and has taken on the challenge of giving pop-rock a make-over since they first got together in 2021.

Gemini is a combination of a multitude of genres, from alternative rock and indie rock to pop and with even an element of funk thrown in for good measure.

With meaty basslines providing the funkiness, a prominent feature throughout the entire song, the guitars and drums are laid back but still hold the song together, which is very much driven by the bass and the vocals, the two having a great mix.

Lilly’s voice is strong and melodic and is the perfect fit for the rest of the band as well as the song. With plenty of attitude, she also has a swagger that borders on a funk-jazz style, but this combination really works well in this song.

The song has two distinct themes, one being the two-faced Gemini star sign, nice and sweet on one side yet devilish and reckless on the other, and the second, more importantly, that you should always be yourself, and this is something that many people need to hear.

The song has a bounce to it that is infectious and will leave you humming it for the rest of the day, a definite earworm that’s for sure!

Great track and a job well done!

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