Ste Walker – You Don’t Know Me

Ste Walker is a post-punk rocker, originally from Middlesbrough but now based in Lincolnshire. Already able to play the guitar, which he taught himself at a young age, Ste realised he had a talent for song writing during the summer lockdown of 2021 and he wrote his first song, Leave Me Alone.

Since then, the songs have been coming thick and fast and with one man band Lloyd Hubbard guesting on bass, drums, and guitar, You Don’t Me, his latest single, is released on 2nd June 2023. The song is about “standing your ground, taking no notice of negativity and being true to yourself. Its message is one of empowerment and anti-bullying,” says Ste.

With Ste providing some angry guitar work, which is heavy and full of riffs that will certainly kick you in the stomach, the track has a very post-punk vibe to it. The drumming is ferocious and with some funky basslines shining through, this is a great track that will definitely get you bouncing round.

Ste has a snarling, angry voice that really delivers the lyrics to the listener, the message of the track really getting across. He is accompanied by backups that are in much the same vein as his leads and this really makes for an enraged sound.

At just over two minutes in length, this track really does make a huge impact and one that you will be singing to yourself for the rest of the day as it is very catchy, especially the choruses.

This is a great track that everyone should check out. Highly recommended to punk and rock fans alike!

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