Nonē Sunshine – Insides Out

Nonē Sunshine is an alternative rock band from Denver, Colorado and Tuscan, Arizona and consists of members Derek Hyde and Thomas Scott (TS) Laird. Insides Out is their latest album and was released on 18/05/2023.

Although Nonē Sunshine is a relatively new band, the pair first met over 20 years ago and, although life got in the way of the band the first time round, they continued to write songs together and Nonē Sunshine was born.

The pair have used a combination of alternative rock and classic rock to create a sound that ranges from “moody to full on explosive arena rock,” and with twelve songs lasting a total of just over 46 minutes, this album takes the listener on a sonic journey, influenced by many more genres.

With heavy guitars that kick out riff after riff, the album has its roots in classic and alternative rock but with the more intricate guitar pieces there is also the hint of a progressive sound there too. Slight distortion on the guitars at times throughout the album also gives off a small grunge rock feel too, and the guitar solos are immense.

The drumming is energetic when it needs to be, with lots of crashing cymbals and pounding bass drums, but also more laid back at other times too. The drumming keeps everything tight and along with meaty basslines, adds a great dimension to the album.

The layered vocals, performed by both musicians, work well as the two of them really compliment each other, singing in styles that are similar but different at the same time. Both voices are strong and powerful, yet one does not overshadow or overpower the other.

This is a guitar-driven album with layered, upbeat melodies and hooks that really draw the listener in, and with themes relating to the meaning of life and the essence of nostalgia, this is an album that will really resonate with a lot of people, through its lyrics and the emotion the two of them portray.

This is the band’s debut album, for fans of alternative through to classic and everything in between, and what an album it is! Check the pair out and see for yourself!

Track Listing:

1) Insides Out

2) Everything She Said

3) Beautiful

4) Stumble

5) Love Is (Terrifying)

6) Sugardaddy

7) Wasted Time

8) Empty

9) Disco Mania

10) No Place Like Home

11) Waiting

12) Reconsidering

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