Ender Bowen – No Shortage Of Good Ideas

Ender Bowen is a pop/rock artist from Nashville, who, at the age of seventeen taught himself to play the guitar, after already being able to play the drums and at the age of eighteen had already written and recorded a demo.

Influenced by the bands such as Depeche Mode, Garbage, U2 and The Smashing Pumpkins, No Shortage of Good Ideas is his latest album and really does blur the lines between genres.

Known as being an artist who uses thought-provoking lyrics and a multi-genre sound, he has drawn inspiration from the profound writings of CS Lewis and a wide range of music styles to create an album that takes the listener on a captivating journey through songs that have been recorded over the years.

With fourteen tracks, lasting a total of 56 minutes and 42 seconds, this is a collection of Ender Bowen music that really gives you an insight into what this guy has to offer.

With each track seamlessly leading on to the next, each is different from the previous, really giving the listener something to listen to. Heavy guitar riffs are mixed with electronic beats to create a sound that really is unique to this exceptionally talented artist.

With elements of pop, rock, and 80’s-influenced synths, this is album that really does have something for everyone, and even takes the listener on a nostalgic trip back to the 80’s and 90’s before returning to the present day with a modern vibe to the sound that keeps everything fresh and up to date.

The album is very atmospheric, and this atmosphere is provided by both the musical and the vocal arrangements. Musically, the album switches from alternative rock to post-punk / gothic at the drop of a hat and this is done easily and seamlessly, showing just how talented the artist is. The vocals are strong yet gentle, but are the lyrics are delivered with a passion and vitality that really makes the album come to life, and, along with the backup vocals, the album has a great depth to it.

The change of pace of tracks throughout the album is perfect and the listener really has no idea as to what is coming next. The songs are very layered so there is always something new for the listener to hear on each play through. I played it through three times to really hear all that was going on and was never once tired of anything I heard.

This is a really great album from a talented musician, who had one point thought about giving up music altogether. I am glad he didn’t, and I also hope he continues for a long time to come yet!

Track Listing:

1) Tongue In Cheek

2) Vampire

3) Needless To Say

4) Past tense Catastrophe

5) Riot (Good Idea Remix)

6) Girls And Boys (Good Idea Remix)

7) Someday Soon (Good Idea Remix)

8) Emerald (Good Idea Remix)

9) If Anybody Asks You (Remove Your Shadow Good Idea Remix)

10) Nothing To Fear (Good Idea Remix)

11) Rainfall

12) Squeaky

13) Long Day (Night Is Alive Mix)

14) The Cleansing of The Soul

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