The Midnight Vortex – Addicted To You

The Midnight Vortex are a five-piece grungey, bluesy, alternative rock band from London and Addicted To You is their latest single released on 19/05/2023.

Starting of quite serenely with just some female vocals and gentle guitar and drum playing, the song erupts just before the two-minute mark with all instruments bursting into life at the same time into a frenzy of alternative rock loveliness.

The guitar work is heavy and slight distortion really amps up the grunge vibe to the song, with strong riffs and cleaner, more intricate solos. The drumming, which features lots of crashing cymbals, is energetic and frenetic and the basslines are meaty and create a strong pulse keeping the song on track.

The female vocals, very much reminiscent of Ann Wilson from Heart singing their earlier music, are strong and the singer copes just as easily with the full-on power lyrics towards the end of the track as she does with the slower-paced singing at the beginning, showing just how talented and versatile she is.

The track is raw and heartfelt, and this comes from a mutual love of grunge and blues-rock from all five members.

I listened to this track numerous times and not once did I tire of it, as there is always something new to hear, and I really hope to hear more from this amazing band in the very near future!

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