Spyderhuff – Sympathy For The Devil

Spyderhuff hail from the Detroit area and most of the members, consisting of Tom Kuhr (vocals, guitar, harmonica, sax, synth), Don Beyer (bass, synth), Jim Pauli (drums), Joey Gaydos (guitar), Tony Mitchell (congas, bongos, drums, backing vocals), and Julie Noe (backing vocals), grew up together in the late 60s and early 70s playing in bands from jazz-fusion to hard rock.

Sympathy For The Devil is their latest single, released on 19/05/2023, and is a cover of The Rolling Stones hit.

A slightly different take on the track from the original, these guys have their roots firmly in the classic rock genre, but with influences from others, blurring the lines between music styles.

This version is slightly rockier, with some blues-based guitar work shining through, the solos fantastically executed, and funky basslines add a hint of groove to the track. The drumming is energetic, and the use of other percussion instruments add a bohemian feel to the track.

The vocals are slightly quirky, and it is this quirkiness that really makes the song stand out.  The singer’s voice is strong, classic rock in style but with a slight hint of a country twang dropping in there from time to time and this gives the track is edginess. The leads are accompanied by female backups, providing a great contrast in the vocal arrangement.

This is a great cover and I look forward to hearing much more from this band in the future.

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