Sonic Maven – Look At Me Now

Sonic Maven are a new band from Colorado Springs, formed in 2022, and list The Black Keys, Royal Blood, and Arctic Monkeys as bands that they sound similar to. Look At Me Now is their debut single and was released on 19/05/2023.

A typically alternative rock track, the band have also used influences from other genres to create a sound that cannot be stereotyped into one genre (and who wants to be pigeon-holed anyway?)

With heavy guitars that send out riffs galore, there are also some clean, more intricate solos during the track and the combination of both creates a great contrast. Slight distortion is used on the heavier guitars, giving them a fuzzy sound, and this provides the grunge influence. The drumming is solid, and the basslines are meaty, and all of this combined really does make for an interesting sound.

The vocals are strong, powerful at times, with a few emo screams thrown in for good measure, yet gentler at others, and with the leads accompanied by some effective backups, the vocal arrangement on this track is superb.

As a debut single, this song is absolutely awesome and with the talent, professionalism, and diversity on show here, I very much look forward with bated breath to their next one.

Great track!

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