Solcura – Imposter Syndrome

Solcura are a four-piece alternative rock band from Bournemouth in the UK and Imposter Syndrome is their latest single, released on 19/05/2023.

A blend of grunge-inspired influences with alternative rock and even some emo inspiration popping up every now and then, this is a band who, not wanting to stick to just genre, have come up with a sound that is unique to them, blurring the lines between music styles.

The track starts slowly but soon builds in intensity until the whole song erupts with all instruments kicking off at the same time. The guitars are heavy, with some very edgy riffs shining through and the drum and bass sections are energetic, with some meaty basslines and hard-hitting drum work. Slight distortion on the guitars gives the track its grungy vibe and the use of percussion instruments also gives it a slight middle eastern feel, especially at the beginning of the track.

The vocals are immense on this track, the singer switching easily from clean vocals to emo screams and accompanied by layered backups in much the same vein as the leads, there is plenty for the listener to hear.

This song is a two-finger salute to the establishment and is for anyone who wants to “express anger at the unjust, corrupt and shady arenas of 21st Century political systems and modern economies” and I think its fair to say there will be a lot of people with that mindset.

I really enjoyed this song and am looking forward to the EP that will be coming out this year!

Excellent track!

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