Jane N The Jungle – Wasteland

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Jane N The Jungle is an alternative / hard rock band fronted by singer Jordan White, and Wasteland is their latest single, released on 19/05/2023.

I have previously had the honour to review music by this great band and, once again, I was not disappointed with this one.

Slower paced than the previous two tracks, this one is still a heavy rock song that is full of attitude.

Starting almost as a ballad, it doesn’t take the song long to build up intensity and momentum and before long the whole band has erupted into a crescendo of heavy rock loveliness!

The guitars are heavy with riffs galore, and the drum and bass section are energetic and hold the song together fantastically. Musically, this track is spot on. It’s heavy, it’s raw and it’s totally in your face!

Vocally, the track is awesome too. Jordan’s voice is strong and powerful, and she is a great frontwoman for the band, confident and talented. The vocals, and lyrics, cut like a knife and with an edginess to them, totally take control of the song.

The song, itself, is about being stuck in a toxic relationship, with no way out and instead of leaving, things just get worse, and this is a theme that will strike a chord with a lot of people.

This is another great track from this awesome band, and I really do hope to hear much more from them in the very near future!

Fantastic job!

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