Blueburst – Train In Vain

Train in Vain, another new single from “new” artist, guitarist / vocalist Craig Douglas Miller, someone who, at the age of fifty is reviving a music career he thought was previously written off by releasing his debut album, is the second track by this artist I am reviewing today.

Having previously reviewed two quite rocky tracks, this one is quite different in style. Slower paced, it almost borders on a ballad and is packed full of emotion.

The guitar work is much more mellow on this track than previous ones, but that does not take away from the fact this is an incredibly talented guitarist. With the twang of a country rock guitar appearing at times throughout the track, the band have headed in a different direction with this track, and this shows just how diverse they are.

The drumming and basslines are more laid back on this track and although a lot gentler than previous songs, the track does build with intensity and reaches a crescendo as the song hears its end.

Craig really shows his talents as a singer on this track too, proving that he can take on the slower paced songs, that show a vulnerable side to the singer, as well as the rockier songs with ease.

This is a fantastic track and one that I am so glad I had the pleasure to hear and review. Blueburst is a band that needs to be heard so please head on over to their social media outlets and check them out!

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