Blueburst – Amplify Me

Blueburst is the brainchild of guitarist / vocalist Craig Douglas Miller, a “new” artist who is releasing his debut album at the age of fifty, reviving a music career he had previously written off. But after connecting with legendary guitarist Marty Willson-Piper (The Church, Noctorum and All About Eve) Craig has found a trusted mentor and collaborator and set up Blueburst.

I have previously reviewed music by Blueburst and was eager to hear more, Amplify Me is one of the band’s latest singles and was released on 19/05/2023.

The band has a very 80’s classic rock / post punk sound with influences ranging from alternative rock, grunge and 90’s rock popping their heads up every now and then, taking the listener on a nostalgic trip back to the music of those times.

Once again, the guitar work is melodic yet heavy enough to be throwing riffs at you left, right and centre and slight distortion is used, creating a fuzzy, grunge-like feel. Clean guitar playing is also used during the track and this creates a great contrast.

The drumming is spot on, energetic and with lots of crashing cymbals (who doesn’t love crashing cymbals, eh?) and the meaty basslines and hooks really hold the track together, almost hypnotically pulling the listener into the track.

The singer has a great voice that is perfect for the style of music the band plays and he totally commands this track, his voice strong albeit with a slight quirkiness, and layered backups accompany him, giving the track a great depth.

I loved this track from the moment it started until the moment it finished and I think this track will appeal to a wide range of fans, from classic rock to alternative rock, to grunge and post punk!

Highly recommended track that you should all go and check out…now!

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