Bad Ass Beauty – Blast Off

I have been a fan of this lady ever since I heard her first single, Me, and have since reviewed two more singles, Broken and 4 Horsemen. Blast Off is her latest single and was released on 19/05/2023.

First of all, let me refresh you as to who, exactly, Bad Ass Beauty is.

LaQuinta Prince aka Bad Ass Beauty is an R&B vocalist who is now stretching her skills into the genre of rock (and doing an extremely good job of it too!) She was educated at the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and cites her musical influences as spanning from Led Zeppelin to Chaka Khan, Beyonce to In This Moment.

Once again, she has come up with an absolute gem of a track.

Musically, this track rocks. With great guitar riffs, funky basslines and energetic drums, there are hooks and riffs that will get in your head and stay there and the grooviness of the track really will make you dance around the living room.

But once again, it is the vocals that really makes this track stand out. This lady certainly has a great voice and it’s hard to believe that her background is NOT in rock music. Strong and powerful, she excels at singing rock music, but elements of R&B do still shine through, and this makes for a great combination to create a sound that really is quite unique to her.

The funky lead vocals are accompanied by backups that are in much the same and the mix really does drive the song forward. I am sitting in my chair boogeying to this as I type.

This is another fantastic track from this extremely talented lady. I wonder how long she will continue with the rock songs but I, for one, hope its for a very long time to come yet. She has attitude, she has balls, and she really is not afraid to step into the unknown.

Bad Ass Beauty doing it for the ladies!

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