The Loud Bangs – Why Things Fray

The Loud Bangs are a four-piece rock group consisting of Alice Street, Daisy Gutierrez, Hannah Remley, and Marcus Nemuro, and they play music that is influenced by shoegaze, ’90s alternative and German club music. With six eps and numerous singles under their belt for 2022, this is certainly a hardworking band and Why Things Fray is their latest EP, released on 16/05/2023.

The five-track EP, lasting at just over 20 minutes in length, is captivating, almost hypnotising and it is this that has earned them the nickname of “The Pink Floyd of Shoegaze.”

Musically, this EP is very progressive, with psychedelic hooks and melodies and it is certainly an EP that will draw you in. The guitarwork uses distortion to give an alternative, dreamy and euphoric sound. both acoustic and electric guitars are made use of, and these are used alongside electronic synths and beats to create the bands unique blend of shoegaze and psychedelia.

The guitars are heavier in some of the tracks on this EP than other music I have reviewed by this band and with meaty basslines, there is a very distinctive ambient feel to the music. With a nod back to alternative rock of the 90’s, there are also goth influences from the 80’s while also feeling quite futuristic with the way some of the lyrics are delivered. How an EP can remind you of so many time periods while also maintaining a fresh sound really is testament to the ability of the band themselves.

Although the band lets their music pull in the listener, the vocals that are used are haunting and atmospheric and all the elements mentioned combined really does make for some interesting sounding music.

As with previous releases, this EP is quite relaxing and is one that I am certain can transport the listener away to other time and dimension with just the power of the music.

This is a great band and one that deserves all the success they get. Please go and check out The Loud Bangs and their music. If you are a fan of ambient music then you will not be disappointed!

Track Listing

1) Analog Test

2) The Penelope Cannon

3) Circus Mirror

4) Unpleasantly Tense

5) Ex Doll

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