Apewards – Akrasia

Apewards are a heavy rock / stoner rock band from Marburg in Germany and Akrasia is their latest album, released on 05/05/2023. The band formed in 2012, initially as a hobby project and an escape from the daily grind but the project quickly took on life of its own and the three members, Nico Gehle, Lukas Plümpe and Frank Eckerle, have since released numerous albums and EPS.

With nine tracks in total, the album lasts just shy of 34 and a half minutes and, not a band who wants to be confined to just one genre, really does span a multitude of styles, each track being something completely different from the last.

The album is a concept album about the longing for security in a world that is falling apart and then describes the feeling of life at the end of times, the album dividing into two distinct parts. The title, Akrasia, stands for the decisions we make despite knowing better and the distance between our will and our actions, which is quite a deep and profound theme, making the listener think about their own situation and perspective.

Recorded “straight to tape”, the album hasn’t been re-cut or touched up later and this was something the band wanted to do in order to capture their raw sound. This is something, I think, they succeeded in doing as the album has a raw energy to it that sounds natural and not overproduced in any way. I would imagine these guys would sound the exactly the same in a live setting as they do on this album.

The album takes the listener on a journey from stoner rock infused with some blues at the start right through to punk rock at the end. Distortion is used to great effect on the first half of the album creating an almost psychedelic, stoner sound but the music is cleaner towards the end of the album, although this does have the energy and rawness of punk rock.

Musically, this album is great. Heavy rock guitars give way to more melodic, intricate arrangements and the energetic and frenzied drumming is replaced by more laid-back drum work. Meaty basslines and guitar riffs are prevalent throughout the album and the three experienced musicians work extremely well together.

The vocals are very much rooted in the alternative rock genre but influences from other styles do appear, and the leads are accompanied with some melodious backups. The singer’s voice is strong and powerful, and he can turn he hand to slower ballads as well as the rockier tracks with ease.

This is a fantastic album that has a great atmosphere, and the pace and speed variance of the tracks really adds to this, as the listener has no idea what to expect next.

So, if classic rock, alternative rock, indie rock, stoner and psychedelic rock and even grunge rock are your thing then please check out Apewards and their music! I am looking forward to hearing much more from them in the future!

Track Listing:

1) Last Dance

2) Anima

3) Stories

4) Take The Lead

5) Together Silent

6) Death Cult Of Denial

7) What Holds US Together Is Decay

8) Akrasia

9) Half An Angel

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