Gary Dranow – Day I Was Born

Hailing from the US, Gary Dranow And The Manic Emotions is a genre-defying musical collaboration, featuring Shem Tate on vocals and bass, Marty Steinberg and Jethro DeFries on drums, Jerry Manfredi on musical direction, and Tommy Mars on keyboards and, having previously reviewed tracks by them, I couldn’t wait to hear what was next.

Day I Was Born is the band’s latest single and was released on 07/04/2023.

Kicking off with some very blues guitar work, this track really does take us back in time to the 70’s and 80’s, giving us feelings of nostalgia right from the very beginning.

With the songs roots firmly in the classic rock genre, this track takes some great inspiration from rhythm and blues, blues, and AOR.

The guitar work is blues through and through, with the solos impeccable executed, and the drumming is energetic with a certain swagger that really gets the listener moving. The basslines are funky, and these contribute to the grove of the track.

The vocals on this track are outstanding, the singer taking the blues vibe and really running with it, and his voice is strong and powerful but with a flounce to it that really sets this track apart from other Gary Dranow tracks.

This is a true rock n roll song, designed to get you up and dancing about, and, although the blues are not necessarily my go to genre, this has to be my favourite of all the Gary Dranow tracks I have reviewed.

Absolutely loved it!

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