The Survival Code – For Right, Or Wrong, For Better, Or Worse

The Survival Code are a London-based rock duo comprising of Gary McGuinness on guitar and vocals and Simon Hartop on drums and vocals. The band has been around in many different formats since 2012 but it was in 2018 that they found their final line up and sound.

And boy, what a sound it is! Combining the best elements of alternative rock, emo rock, punk rock and metal, this duo have come up with a sound that is uniquely theirs.

The guitars are heavy and with clever use of distortion, the song has quite a fuzzy, almost grungey, feel to it. There is also quite a melodic sound to the guitars and the main riff that is prominent throughout the track will definitely get stuck in your head. The drumming is energetic and raw and has all the attitude of punk rock.

I love the vocals on this track. They are very reminiscent of Simon Neil from the band Biffy Clyro, strong and powerful with that slight edge to them and together with layered backups, the band has a great vocal arrangement.

One thing that stands out about this track is the fact that there are just two of them achieving the big sound that the song has, and this shows the sheer amount of talent that is on show here

This is a great track, and I will definitely be keeping my ears open for anything new these guys produce!

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