Sloppy Joe’s – Live in Hamburg (Vol 1)

Sloppy Joe’s come from Hamburg in Germany and are one of the upcomers in the New Wave Of Classic Rock genre. This trio has a hard-hitting yet refreshing sound, taking influence from the likes of Kiss, Guns N Roses and AC/DC while throwing their own style in at the same time. Forming in 2011, the band consists of Jesse Garon on guitar and vocals, Johnny Angel on bass and Pätzy Dävey on drums. They have performed over 150 live stage shows and have amassed a staggering 750k streams on Spotify since the release of their self-titled EP in 2013.

Live In Hamburg (Vol 1) is their latest EP, released on 28/10/2022 and is the first ever live EP the band have released. It compromises the best tracks from two shows recorded live in Hamburg, one in 2016 and the other in 2019 and the band states the EP “perfectly captures the atmosphere of a Sloppy Joe’s concert.”

And if this EP is an indication of what a Sloppy Joe’s gig would be like, then I want to be first in the queue!

Musically, these guys have everything spot on. The guitars are heavy, with riffs galore that will stick in your head and getting you tapping your foot at the very least. The drumming is energetic and the basslines give the EP a bit of funk to it. All members of the band work in complete harmony together and the music is tight. You really have to listen to notice that this is, in fact, a live EP.

The vocals are superb, strong and powerful and never once overshadowed by the music that is accompanying him, which sometimes can be the case with live recordings. The sound guys at the shows obviously got everything right and all parts of the band can be heard loud and clear.

I have previously reviewed the band’s single Get In The Ring, which was a heavy rock mixed with glam track. This EP, however, has a more punk feel to it, and that is in no way a bad thing, as this shows just how diverse this band can be.

The energy that is emitted from this EP is fantastic to hear and it obvious to hear that this is a trio of guys who really do enjoy what they do. The interaction with the crowd is obvious to hear and this proves that the fans enjoy what the band do just as much as the band do!

Fantastic debut live EP and am very much looking forward to more from this great band!

Track Listing:

1) Intro (Live)

2) Devil’s Music (Live)

3) Right Decision (Live)

4) Lonesome No. 1 (Live)

5) Make Some Noise (Live)

6) Some Broken Hearts Never Mend (Live)

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