Roger Ricks – What A Place

Roger Ricks is a Swiss musician who has one mission…and that is to change lives through his music. Facing tough times growing up, he found solace in music and taught himself to play the guitar. Today he is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, bass, keys, and singing, all while producing his music from his home studio. Through his music he wants to inspire people to find their own way of making a difference.

What A Place is his latest single and was released on 10/03/2023.

This is an absolutely fantastic track that has a very classic sound mixed with a bit of alternative. The guitars are heavy and the riffs fly at you from all angles, the drumming is energetic and the basslines give the track a very nice swagger. The guitar solo three quarters of the way through the track is wonderfully executed and the song really will get you tapping your foot.

Roger’s vocals are simply superb on this track. With their foundations firmly in the classic rock genre, there is also a grittiness to them that gives the track the alternative vibe. With backup vocals that compliment the lead perfectly, this track has lots of depth and there is plenty to listen to.

This is a fantastic track that I really enjoyed listening to. I really hope to hear some more new music from this guy in the very near future and in the meantime I am heading off to Spotify to find some older stuff.

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