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Neverless are a “skalternative rock” band from Sarasota, Florida and their self-titled album, Neverless, was released on 15/03/2023.

The first thing that stood out to me about this album was the sheer amount of energy that emits from it. The music is upbeat, the lyrics are extremely catchy and if you are not bouncing around to this one, do you even like music?

A delightful blend of a whole host of genres from alternative rock, to classic rock, to skater rock and everything in between, there is also a hint of ska in there too, so this really is an album that has something for everyone and one that seems to have almost created its own genre.

With heavy guitars throwing rock riffs at you left, right and centre, with guitar solos that will send shivers down your spine, the drumming has the energy of punk rock and the bass lines gives the album a funky, groovey feel. Add into the mix the use of brass and woodwind instruments and you really have got a feel-good album that totally tears down the walls between genres. Distortion is used to great effect, from the very first song, and this sets the listener up in regards to what to expect from this album.

The vocals have the swagger of alternative / skater rock and the attitude of punk rock and its this edginess that really makes them stand out. The singers voice is strong and powerful with an added grittiness, and the backup vocals add a great depth to the songs. The singer can turn his hand to full on punk rock songs while also quite able to handle a rock ballad too and this, along with the great talent of the rest of the band, shows just how diverse they are.

The album has plenty of pace and energy to it and even the slower tracks have plenty of passion coming from them. This must have been a great album for the guys to record as you can literally feel the fun aspect in each and every track and to see these guys in a live setting must be immense.

A fantastic album that is bouncy, rocky and just totally in your face and with twelve tracks to get through, this will certainly keep you entertained. Absolutely awesome job from the lads and I look forward to hearing much more from them in the future.

Track Listing:

1 Enter Scene

2 Stomp

3 Bad Company

4 Red Light

5 Once And For All

6 Stuck In Place

7 Pheromone

8 Think For Yourself

9 Come Alive (In The Dead Of The Night)

10 Interlude

11 Goin’ Loco

12 Edge Of My Dreams

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