Study Of Us – Still Alive

Study Of Us is a one-man synth alt-rock band from Suffolk in England and Still Alive is his latest single, released on 10/03/2023.

Still Alive is an insane mix of synth music with emo pop and punk rock.

The song has the energy of punk rock, the vocals of emo and screamo with a little bit of punk thrown in too and with the electronic synths crashing out beats left, right and centre, this could almost be considered a rave track too!

With the lines between genres not only being blurred but being totally obliterated, this is not a band that could be pigeon-holed anywhere! With a no-holds-barred vibe to it, this track is full of attitude, and one that I think would appeal to a lot of people.

The energy that comes from this track is immense, considering that the sound created is provided by just one man! I can imagine that to see this guy in a live setting would be totally awesome as I would think he would be running around the stage like a loon, all while keeping the audience very much entertained.

This is a totally bonkers track but one that really works. I loved it from the very first notes and I think a lot of other people will too. If you fancy listening to a track that is insane and totally off the wall yet full of talent and energy then this is the track for you!

Insanely awesome song!

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