Mystik Fool – Gone With The Wind

Mystik Fool is the music project of Galen Deery, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in Pennsylvania and was founded in 2018.

Under the self-proclaimed genre of “Spirit Jam”, Mystik Fool combines everything from rock to reggae, pop to folk, and medicine music to prog and the result is simply stunning.

It is not always easy to combine a multitude of genres and do it well, but this band has managed to do just that, and seemingly with ease.

The track starts off in a very sublime way with some atmospheric sounds, soft synths, laid back drumming and gentle vocals but it soon erupts into a beautifully crafted blend of alternative, prog and classic rock.

The music to this track has a very psychedelic feel to it with floaty guitar riffs mix with heavier riffs and the guitar solo that kicks in at around the three minute mark, which is firmly rooted in the classic rock genre, really does send shivers down your spine. The drumming is perfectly executed and is full of energy and the bass and synths that pad out the rest of the track musically is simply fantastic.

The vocals on this track really do make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Gentle to start with, they soon build in passion, strength and energy and reach a crescendo just before the guitar solo kicks in. This guy has an absolutely amazing voice that really does pull you into the song and his ability to swap from one style to another with such ease shows just what a talent he really is.

I absolutely loved this song and could listen to it on repeat all day. Phenomenal track!

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