Benjamin David – Divine

Benjamin David is an alchemist, turning base metal into gold.” Well, that’s what his Spotify account says anyway and he confesses that his music is a combination of D’angelo’s track Voodoo and the track Bombtrack by Rage Against The Machine!

And one thing I agree with is that the music of Benjamin Davidcannot be assigned to just one genre, as there are influences from a multitude evident in this song alone.

Divine is his latest single, released on 10/03/2023 and kicks off in a very “poppy” way, with just piano and Benjamin’s voice up until about the one minute mark when it erupts with drums and guitars and his voice really comes into its own.

Leaning more towards indie rock, this track also has a certain glam to it that really does make for a great combination, and one that is not seen very often.

Musically this track is great. There is a swagger to it that will have you tapping your feet, and the catchiness of the beat and guitar work will stick in your head all day. Vocally, though, this track is awesome. Benjamin has a voice that breaks all boundaries, switching from pop to rock seamlessly and with ease. The vocals are polished yet still have a certain grittiness and power to them that lifts the song out of the pop genre entirely.

This is a great track. It’s catchy and anthemic, with a big chorus that includes fantastic back up vocals, giving the track great depth and dynamism. The song has peaks and troughs throughout, the verses building up to the crescendos that are the choruses and this keeps the listener engaged in the track at all times.

This truly is a mesmerising song. Awesome job!

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