Among The Masses – Wrong Turn

Among The Masses are a band from Sweden and got together through their love of guitar-based bands such as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode and The Cure. Based in Stockholm, they play a blend of new-wave, rock, nostalgia and 80’s influenced music. The band consists of David Liebe on vocals, Andrej Anderzon Möller on piano, keyboards, programming, and backing vocals, Mats Gabriel-Burman on bass and Kent Alfredsson on lyrics. Their secret weapon is gold and platinum award winning producer, Andreas Ahlenius, who is lovingly referred to as the “fifth member.”

Wrong Turn is their latest single and was released on 06/03/2023.

This track is slightly different for me to review but as soon as I heard the new wave / Smiths influence I knew I wanted to hear more of the song.

This track is a beautifully crafted blend of alternative rock pop, new wave and synth indie rock, something that will take the listener on a nostalgic trip back to the 80’s while also maintaining a modern twist to it.

Musically this track is awesome, the mix of electronic drumbeats with synth sounds and keyboards being a real treat for the ears. If you are a fan of bands such as the aforementioned Depeche Mode along with the likes of New Order and Talking Heads then this is really going to be a band for you.

The vocals really add to the mix, that 80’s sound once again being very prominent and with some haunting backing vocals, the track has a very atmospheric vibe to it.

This really is a great track and I only wished it was an EP or an album I was reviewing as I wanted to hear more from these guys.

Please check the song and the band out. If new-wave is your thing, then you are really going to love this!

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