Where’s Gladys – Where’s Gladys EP

Where’s Gladys is a Boston-based duo, consisting of Art Papas on guitar and lead vocals and Alex Reinart on drums and backing vocals. The two of them take it in turns on the keyboards and bass. They are heavily influenced by rock music stretching from the 1960’s all the way through to today and their sound is driven by Art’s guitar work and Alex’s unique style of drumming.

Where’s Gladys is the band’s debut EP and took a total of three years to produce, as it took the guys a very long time to assemble a group of sings that told the right story.

The EP as five tracks, each different from the previous, that cover a wide range of genres from drum-driven indie rock to gritty garage rock, to retro and soulful ballads and upbeat pop/rock.

The EP has a certain atmosphere to it and this is one of the charms of the EP. There is a slight haziness to it produced with the clever use of distortion of the guitars, which are raw at times, yet polished and clean at other times. The solos are punchy and expertly executed and there is a hint of psychedelia created by the guitars that only adds to the ambient nature of the EP.

The rest of the music side of things is spot on. The drumming is laid back when it needs to be but more upbeat when required and the drum and bass section holds the tracks tightly together.

With its foundations firmly in the indie / alternative genre of rock, there are also heavier rock elements creeping in that shows these two guys could probably turn their hands to any type of rock music they wanted to and there is a great mix of upbeat and slower tracks, meaning the listener is always engaged in the music.

This is a great breakthrough EP for the duo and one that will taken the listener on a nostalgic trip through rock music from the 60’s up to the present day. The modern twist to the sound keeps the music up to date and fresh, while also reminding us of times gone by.

Great debut EP. Let’s hope the can continue the momentum with an even greater album!

Track Listing:

1 Out Of Air

2 World Stopped

3 Let That Set In

4 So Insecure

5 Sleepwalk

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