Shockpowder – My Garden

Shockpowder is another artist I have reviewed a few times before, namely for the singles The Drowning And The Sunset and Nonsensical Dream, and I was excited to hear more from him.

Shockpowder is a shoegaze project with metal influences founded by Joshua Scurfield in 2015 and My Garden is his latest single, released on 10/03/2023.

A song of two halves, this track kicks off in quite a serene way with some laid back drumming, and some soft guitar work but do not let you lull you into a false sense of security as at around the two minute mark, the song erupts with heavy guitars and pounding drums, revealing the metal influence behind his music.

It is during this part of the song that we really see the shoe-gaze element of the song, as distorted guitars almost merge with the haunting, sometimes inaudible, vocals that were missing from the first part of the song.

Where the first part of the song is more polished and cleaner, the second half has a fuzziness to it that really does take us on a trip back to the grunge era of the 90’s, and all the while there is still a modern twist that keeps the track up to date and fresh.

The most astounding part of this track, as with his previous, is that everything is done by just one person. He creates such an anthemic and big sound that you could be fooled into thinking he is accompanied by other musicians, and this, I think, is just where his talents are showed off to the maximum.

Another great track from this awesome artist. Don’t believe me? Then please go and check out his Spotify. Shoegaze fans will absolutely love him!

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