ALDÍS FJÓLA – Pipedreams

Aldís Fjóla is an Icelandic musician from Borgarfjörður eystra in East Iceland. Having shared the stage with different bands since she was sixteen, she has now started her solo career and is writing from her own life lessons and disasters, themes that many people will resonate with. She is inspired by the people around her and uses her music to confront her traumas.

Pipedreams is her latest EP and was released on 10/02/2023.

And what a great EP it is!

Blending a multitude of genres there is no one style of music that can define this talented woman. With a hard rock foundation, influences from alternative rock, grunge and even indie synth rock creep in.

The guitar work is heavy when it needs to be, with riffs galore being thrown into your ears, but can also be more melodic at times too. The drumming and bass sections are much the same too, erupting during the choruses throughout the EP and funky basslines also give the EP a groovey vibe.

The vocals on this EP, however, are outstanding. With a strong rock-influenced base, there is a quirkiness and a grittiness to them that really makes them stand out. Deeper than a lot of the vocals of her contemporaries, her voice really does suit the style of music that she is producing. Her vocals are actually quite haunting and mesmerising at times, especially on the title track Pipedreams, and this just shows the diversity she has.

It is not easy to fuse together so many different genres of rock, and to be able to do it well, but Aldís does it effortlessly and with ease.

The EP varies in pace as it progresses but this creates a very ambient atmosphere and really does draw the listener into the music.

An absolutely brilliant EP and I can’t wait to hear more from her in the future. Awesome!

Track Listing:

1 Wasted

2 Burn

3 Rearview Mirror

4 Pipedreams

5 Crossfire

6 Brenndu brýr

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